Our code monkeys have been hard at work these last months on the latest and greatest in the Sherlock® Inspector Suite. For those of you just joining us, that includes both Sherlock® for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise and Edge, as well as Sherlock® CS Edition for SAP Crystal Server. We are TERRIBLE at telling our customers “no” when it comes to new features, so this one is no exception on the new feature dance card. With that, I am happy to share that Sherlock® 2.3 has the green light for download.

One of the biggest opportunities we originally created for customers was to not only expose all of the awesome metadata included with SAP BusinessObjects systems, but in addition, our free “Activity – Reloaded” universe gave customers the opportunity to combine Sherlock® data and Auditor data into common reporting. While the idea was great, many large customers, or customers with significant Auditor history were faced with a common challenge: Auditor performance is awful. I know. I said it. It’s a lot of data and it’s optimized to get data in, but not out.

Sherlock® 2.3 takes a great step in helping customers to solve for this challenge. Now, your Auditor data is integrated directly into Sherlock®. No need for messy combined queries or merged dimensions. We’ve done the hard part for you. This is a great step in providing a picture of the relevance of the content you’ve created.

Another tremendous addition is the indexing of your report bodies and variables. This is huge. This is the first of a few agile releases to uncover report constructs in your environment. Also, our incredible Enterprise Report Finder now supports Crystal Reports.

There are many enhancements, as well as the occasional bug fix. It happens, but our customers are awesome at working with us to find, squash, and improve. If you are not a Sherlock® customer today, it is never too late. If you are, go hop out to the software download portion of our site.