Superdupercharge your analytics

We’ve created SAP-Certified Solutions that provide BI on BI and allow your analytics team to run “by the numbers” and not by gut feel. Our flagship product is the Sherlock® Inspector Suite, a robust metadata repository that helps BI managers, administrators and developers better manage their BI landscape.



Sherlock® for SAP BusinessObjects

Sherlock® is an SAP Certified Solution that provides BI on BI about your SAP BusinessObjects landscapes to enable better decision making for your organization’s BI strategy. Sherlock® is a collection of inspectors that run silently while gathering the needed metadata about each of your SAP BusinessObjects landscapes. This data is integrated into a single repository and accessible by our suite of pre-built analytics or custom analytics that you can create via the Sherlock® universe.

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Sherlock® System Metrics

Sherlock® System Metrics is a near real-time inspector aimed at providing up-to-date information on the performance and utilization of your SAP BusinessObjects environment. Sherlock® System Metrics complements the capabilities of the Sherlock® Inspector Suite or can be run stand-alone by itself.

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Sherlock® SAP HANA

SAP HANA is an industry-leading platform that is the foundation for the SAP business software that powers your business. Sherlock® for SAP HANA from Sherlock Meta was designed to give you both historical and predicative insight into the usage of your SAP HANA assets.

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