Sherlock® for Operating System Metrics

Managing the foundation of your data and analytics platforms is a critical step in delivering organizational success. Monitoring system up-time is not where your IT team wants to spend its time. Sherlock® for Operating System Metrics (OSM) provides insights that will streamline the process and allow your teams to focus on the adoption and innovation of essential content and data to advance your enterprise.

Through our decade-plus experience, hundreds of clients, and 2.2 million indexed users, we have found that organizations struggle with:

  • measuring where they are
  • determining where they want to be
  • establishing programs to improve adoption, agility, or governance
  • benchmarking against others in similar industries

Sherlock® for OSM is an application-agnostic solution that will compile system statistics, simplifying:

  • analytics on Windows, Linux, Unix, and even Mac OS utilization – in an application-centric way
  • definition of server relationship and clusters
  • aggregation of server performance
  • the capturing of process/thread-level statistics
  • disk utilization and capacity measurement
  • monitoring and prediction of network I/O, speed, and capacity

Sherlock® OSM Components and Features

  • Cluster-level metadata providing aggregate statistics in an application focus
  • A collection of metadata by server that catalogs the configurations and properties of servers, and how they change over time
  • Summary and, where needed, detailed performance statistics that show how these servers are working overtime
  • Mechanisms for capacity planning that are based on facts and trends
  • Correlation of specific user actions directly to the processes and servers they affect

Sherlock® for Operating System Metrics provides the strategic ability to manage your organization’s underlying platforms – freeing IT teams to drive adoption and innovation. While it stands out on its own, it is also the perfect complement to your existing Sherlock® investment.

Contact us today to learn how customers are using Sherlock® for OSM to maximize their IT investments.